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Tips To Become More Positive

Tips To Become More Positive

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Both good and bad thoughts are creative and lead to material things. Our experiences and environment are actually as a result of our predominant thoughts. A thought is what discovers what you can do and the capacity to do it. Always see your negative occurrences as your learning experiences and stop blaming other people for what you are going through. The following tips will help you to be more positive.

Spiritual Teachings That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual Teachings That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual Teachings

Spirituality is something that every person has at some point in their life either experienced or thought about. It is not something that you can touch or just buy from the malls. It’s something that a person chooses to believe in, feel it and then see it work.

There main ideas of spirituality lie in its teachings. There are many spiritual teaching that are available for people to choose, belief and practice the teachings. Not all are acceptable to everyone on earth, though for those that are staunch believers in these spiritual teachings their is joy and love to be found and are able to change people’s lives.
Important Online Christian Dating Tips For Dating a Godly Single Christian Woman

Important Online Christian Dating Tips For Dating a Godly Single Christian Woman

If you are looking for a way to start dating Christian women the answer may be as close as your computer. These days there are a wealth of online dating sites, including many sites dedicated to dating Christian women. Finding the best of these online Christian dating services will help you find the most attractive and most spiritually successful women in your town or area of the country.

Evaluating an Online Christian Dating Service

Of course not all internet dating sites for Christians are created equal, and it is important to evaluate each site carefully. After all, if your ultimate goal is to start dating Christian women you will need to make sure that there are plenty of single Christian women signed up for the site. It is always a good idea to browse the profiles of the site before signing up. Or, in some cases, take full advantage of a free basic (limited) membership to look around and see if the site features and other members are a good fit for you. In other cases you may be offered some sort of free trial membership, and it is a good idea to accept that trial period if it is offered. This trial period will allow you to determine if the site you have found will be a good venue for dating Christian women in your area of interest.

When evaluating an online Christian dating service for dating Christian women it is a good idea to look through the profiles of the women who are already members, paying careful attention to things like where the women go to church and how often, their level of commitment to Christ and their Christian maturity level. This information will help you to determine whether or not the site is a good one for dating Christian women, or just a secular dating site masquerading as a Christian dating site. Some sites appear on the surface to be a Christian dating site, when in fact the site is just a secular dating site masquerading as a Christian dating service for one reason only, money! Your money!

Joining an Online Christian Dating Service

Once you have found a site that you trust and think will be good for dating Christian women it is time to sign up and start building your own personal dating profile. When creating your profile it is important to be up front and honest about what you want from a Christian dating partner and what you have to offer. Try not to be too self-deprecating or too self-aggrandizing as you build your profile. The Christian women on the site will appreciate honesty--if you plan to start dating Christian women you will need to be honest about both your good qualities and your shortcomings.

Dating a Single Christian Woman Face to Face

After you have submitted your online dating profile and found several matches it is time to actually start contacting them with the goal of dating Christian women face to face. But do not rush things. Take your time getting to know the single Christian women a little better before you meet them in person. These days dating Christian women can take several different approaches. Some men will want to meet their matches in person right away, while others may prefer to get to know their potential dating partners in the virtual world first. No matter which approach you take to dating Christian women it is important to be honest in your conversations, emails and your online dating profile. Post current, unaltered photos. After you have gotten to know one another you will need to determine when to take that all important step of meeting face to face.

Dating a Godly Single Christian Woman

Some men may be intimidated when they start dating a Christian woman, especially if she has been a Christian longer than them, but it is important to be calm, cool and collected on that all important first date. Nervous Christian men may be able to put their minds at ease with the knowledge that they have already gotten to know their Christian lady friend online. Pray for the right approach. After all God knows the two of you better than you know each other.

Remember that Christ is working in all Christians to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ. It is Christ-like character that will ultimately win her heart. Pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding, ask God for the power to just be yourself, and trust in Him for good results. While dating some Christian women can be intimidating at first, in the end it can be extremely rewarding as well. You get the privilege of spending time with a sister in Christ, a precious daughter of the Creator of the universe.

Think of it as dating Christian royalty and treat her like a princess.

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Why Most Christians Are Nominal Christians

Why Most Christians Are Nominal Christians

Spiritual development in our churches can be gauged by the extent to which their members have become genuine Christians. But as this article will show, most Christians or members of these churches are just nominal Christians.

According to current statistics there are more or less 2 billion Christians in the world. That is one third of the world's population. These belong to different churches, denominations or religious groups. If all of these were genuine Christians we would not be in a mess of so much poverty, crimes, violence and environmental degradation.

The problem is that most of these so-called Christians are only nominal, not genuine. They have not even begun so much as an inch in their spiritual development.

They are nominal because they are Christians in name only. A majority of them are called Christians because they were christened or baptized. Others consider themselves Christians because they were born of Christian parents and/or were dedicated by their parents in the church. Still others think that they are Christians because besides having been baptized they go to a Christian church for worship and have prayed the prayer to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

They are also nominal Christians because their leaders may not have realized that they themselves are also nominal Christians. Thinking that they are real Christians, they think that their followers are also real Christians.

There have been many attempts to make these nominal Christians into genuine Christians but the effectiveness of these attempts have been very minimal.

Why? Why are the results minimal?

I give three reasons for this state of affairs. There may be more.

Reason 1 is that most Christians are satisfied with nominal Christianity. This kind of Christianity is enough for their classification in the census of their government, in their day to day lives, in getting their marriage license and contract, in enrolling their children in school, in applying for a job, in dying and getting burial services in the church. Since they are already satisfied with this kind of Christianity, they do not see the need of improving upon it or of making it genuine.

Reason 2 is that the Christian leaders who realize that most Christians are only nominal do not fully know how genuine Christians are formed and how different they are from nominal Christians. They just keep on hoping that by their homilies or preaching, by Sunday schools or catechism classes or seminars before the administration of the sacraments or by their theology or religious studies subjects in school (now called mostly values education), by small group Bible studies or in their various church related organizations, their followers will become genuine Christians. They think that nominal Christianity and genuine Christianity exist in a continuum, from the most nominal Christianity to the most genuine Christianity with intermediary grades or levels between these extremes of the continuum.

These leaders do not realize that the difference between nominal and genuine Christianity is not one of degree but of kind. The one is not real, it is zero. The other is real, it has a positive content, at least 1, so to speak.

Reason 3 is that most who desire to lead others to genuine Christianity do not know how this is effectively done, in a way that there are substantial and lasting results. Look at this example.

A crusade is organized in a nominally Christian locality. The leaders and followers of different cooperating churches and denominations work out the whole crusade, from the scheduling, the choice of and invitation to an evangelist, the preparation for the venue, etc., up to the publicity of the crusade and daily prayers for the success of the crusade.

The crusade is done on schedule. Hundreds profess to receive Christ as Lord and Savior and are channeled to local churches for baptism and discipleship training. The newly professed now populate the local churches and they remain there or go back to their former churches or just drop from both.

For a while the locality experiences a positive change. Fewer people get drunk at night, more attendance in churches is observed, fewer acts of criminality occur. After several months or a year or two conditions become "normal" again: increasing number of crimes and stable or declining numbers in church attendance.

Genuine Christianity has not really invaded that locality. There was only a facelift of nominal Christianity. Sure, some lives here and there are drastically changed. A former gambler now becomes a student of the Bible and he will become a preacher soon. A prostitute now stops her trade and becomes a choir member. But the impact on the society as a whole is minimal.

Jesus came to give us genuine Christianity, not nominal Christianity.

When we have a constantly increasing number of spiritually developed Christians, we will have genuine Christianity. Spiritual development is our need as Christians.

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Christian Crusades - History

Christian Crusades - History

The Christian Crusades' history has been highly influential in Europe and throughout the world. It managed to eradicate many Christians for about two centuries and directly affected the lives of the surviving Christians. The Christian Crusades' history had eradicated an estimated 6,000,000 Christians during their reign. The estimates actually ranges from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 based from various estimates and references in history. The Christian Crusades' history had been quite a disorderly and horrifying experience for the Christians. The Christians suffered much from the hands of the Crusaders, not to mention the loss of wealth and the traumatic suffering that they experienced. The elements of war such as tumultuous scenes, crime, disturbance in people's way of living, taking hostages, and other traumatic events often accompanied the holy war between nations and regions. However, most holy wars would result to something good that could last forever. The lessons and the pain that they left behind became the most popular lessons to remember in the history of any nation, sect, or related religion. The Christian Crusades' military campaigns and sanctions highly influenced the following
·       Role of the Catholic church
·       Power of the Catholic church
·       Progress or economy of affected civilization
·       Impact on the politics of the nation
·       Impede social improvement
·       Intellectual development
·       Commerce and feudalism structure
·       Material development including voyages relating to discovery

The Christian Crusades greatly supported the power of the Papacy as well as highly contributed to the wealth of the Catholic Church. The Popes therefore gained more power and influence over the people and the land including the economy when the Crusaders transferred the resources and the armies to their hands. The people eventually adapted the system endorsed by the Crusaders and the Papacy being their new leaders. The wealth of the Church increased immensely because the norm for sale of properties is usually a fraction or a small percentage out of its actual market value. People usually sell properties before they go for expeditions. Most people give lands or properties as a token or a gift in return for the blessings and prayers that they asked from the Popes. The people highly valued the pious benedictions of the Popes done for their behalf.
Across time, crusaders who had failed in their explorations and wars sought for asylum on cloistral retreats. The crusaders who sought the help of cloistered retreat houses brought and offered goods and other wealth. The crusaders appreciated the peace they found in cloistered retreat houses because most of them returned home with problems in health and carried or were mending broken spirits. However, the religious enthusiasts or the fanatics endowed the church with amass wealth and gifts. The gifts of piety significantly augmented the wealth of the church while the religious fervor of the people largely increased the power of the Popes. The wealth of the church and the Popes increased enormously across time.
The Impact of the Christian Crusades History on the Trade and Commerce
The most significant contribution of the Christian Crusades on the people and of the places that they had conquered was trading and commerce. The Christian Crusades themselves created demand on supplies for war and food, transportation for their men, building of ships for their numerous voyages, and trading of the eastern wares and goods across the continent of Europe. During their numerous voyages, the Crusaders brought the goods and other products of the cities of Mosul, Cairo, Damascus, and other known cities across the seas of the Mediterranean. Most of these goods landed on the seaports near Italy where traders transported them to other parts of Europe for trading. The Oriental art and beauty of their tapestries and silks enchanted the Crusaders. The elegance of the Oriental precious stones, ivory, and pearls as well as the spices and scents or perfumes truly enchanted the Crusaders. Their beauty and art captured the hearts of the Crusaders that they called the place as the vestibule of paradise.
The Crusaders and their Impact on the Land's Feudalism Practices
The Crusaders affected the lives of many Europeans. Western Europe improved their feudalism practices through the help and support of the Crusaders. Several knights, barons, and other royalties contributed to their crusading expedition. They even sold their lands to support the expedition. In Syria, the commoners experienced failures and difficulties that they reverted to the old practice of royalty. Private warfare and feud between clans eventually died out when the feudal lords departed from the Holy Land. The departures and the increased of the power and authority of the royalties were more evident in France history of commerce, which was the old home of the Christian Crusades movement.

The influence of the Christian Crusades Movement on the Nation's Politics
During the Crusaders era, most nations adapted the feudal aristocracy. This made the life of the commoners a bit difficult. The Crusaders affected the politics of a certain nation when they help break the feudalism structure. The nobles who participated to the Crusaders expedition were not able to return to their homes, thus, leaving their wealth under the responsibility of their heirs. However, their heirs were not able to keep the properties. The properties and a big part of the noble Crusaders wealth were escheated back to the King for payment of taxes and other liabilities. Most of the crusaders lost their wealth because they sometimes used their own funds to meet the cost of the expedition.
The cities that the Christian Crusaders visited during their expedition greatly benefited from the expeditions of the noble princes as well as the barons. They gained much political advantages from the activities of the Crusaders that, in a way, supported them in increasing their political power. During the 12th and 13th centuries, the burgher or middle social class mostly had the privilege for access on ready money. This special privilege is given by the landlords or the suzerains to the burgher class in return for the borrowings as well as the contributions that they had given to them. The Christian Crusades' history had delayed the fall of Constantinople as well as the conquering activities of the Turks for about three centuries or maybe more. The delay of more than three centuries was enough to make the Germans prepare for the anticipated invasion of the Mohammedan group. The Mohammedan group invaded Europe in the 15th century. The Christian Crusades' history had a wide influence on the social lives of the people.  The Christian Crusades showed the Western people an opportunity for a romantic adventure. This became their major influence for Chivalry. The Crusaders' knowledge and exposure with the Eastern culture provided the West a great deal of influence. This is the greatest refining influence of the Crusaders to the West.

Intellectual progress and the Crusades - History
The Christian Crusaders learned a lot from the culture and knowledge of other people from the different lands that they had visited during their expedition, which serve to liberalize their minds. The nobles and princes went out of their homeland, far from their families, and far from the familiar scenes of their cities so they can explore and complete the mission of their expeditions. The other objective was to see strange lands, unfamiliar faces, experience the way of living of other people, look at the architecture of their homes and palaces, and see their dress codes or dress styles. The Crusaders enjoyed the elegant manners and customs of the East. During those times, the East had surpassed the civilization of the West and the experience of the Crusaders with the East greatly influenced Europe's intellectual development. The Crusaders returned with new perceptions and broader ideas on a lot of things about life, people, and commerce. They also developed wider sympathies on people.
The Crusaders brought with them new materials, new ideas, and carried new perceptions about other people. This opened a new dimension of life for them. The Latin scholars were greatly motivated with the knowledge that the Crusaders shared. The expeditions of the Crusaders and the knowledge that they brought with them back home awakened Western Europe's mental activities. The shared knowledge finally triggered the period of the Renaissance and initiated the Revival of Learning in Western Europe.

Material development and the Christian Crusades - History
The Holy Wars triggered the material and economic growth in Europe. This paved way to the growth of the business enterprises in the continent. The economic development was very evident among the Italian cities. Most of these cities benefited from trading with the Crusaders needs for their expedition. Genoa, Venice, and Pisa economy significantly grew during the expedition, which included opening up some trade with the East. The Crusaders often sailed across the Mediterranean, Syrian coast, and several ports in Europe. In addition, the Crusaders new knowledge opened up another way of thinking towards artworks, inventions, and other manufacturing activities in Europe. The rich culture and arts of the East influenced the material development of the European people. The influenced were obviously evident in the artifacts showcased by the modern museums in Europe.

Voyages, Discovery, Impact of the Christian Crusades History on Civilization
The interesting news that the Crusaders brought back home after their expedition ignited the interest of some known voyage discoverers such as Sir John Mandeville and Marco Polo. The Italian, Marco Polo, and the Englishman, Sir John Mandeville, travelled to Asia's remote areas and explored the islands. This includes the expeditions of Columbus and Magellan, which the Crusaders interesting news about the Eastern arts and trades awakened. The interesting expedition of the voyager Vasco de Gama could be ignited by the interesting knowledge on geographical matters shared by the Crusaders.

The Influence of the Expeditions
The various sections of the middle ages history contained interesting topics and information about the great travels of the known voyagers in the world. In addition, there were important events in the medieval times that any reader would really appreciate learning. This included the impact of the expeditions made by the noble princes and barons during the era of the Christian Crusades history. The sitemap history could provide all the needed navigation in locating crucial facts and information during the middle ages.

Catholic Church, Wealth, and Power - History
The power of the Popes and the wealth specifically properties of the Catholic Church experienced a remarkable growth during the Christian Crusades' history. The Popes role as well as authority extended to trading and commerce involvement, resources for the spread and sustenance of Christendom, and authority over the armies. In addition, the Pope's involvement with the people's social public sphere and public life as well as their intellectual development increased their influence and authority over the commoners. The community regarded them as powerful guides and brilliant leaders. The Crusaders also sold a big part of their land to the church when they were about to start their expedition. This increased the wealth of the Catholic Church tremendously.
The society in the middle ages perceived the church as a place where they can regain their confidence, heal their broken spirits, and restore physical health conditions. The belief of the people that the Popes prayers could help them gain more wealth and good health remarkably strengthened the position of the Popes as leaders and authority on most matters of their lives. This amplified the Church authority over the people even before the start of the Christian Crusades' long history.

Europe's Intellectual Growth - Crusades History
Although the Christian Crusades History expedition and shared knowledge influenced most of the intellectual growth in Europe, other cultures also contributed to its development. Europe became liberalized when it opened its world through trading and travel with other cultures. This enlightened and improved their civilization. The Crusaders experienced different cultures, noted strange lands, and met new people during their expedition. This made them perceive other cultures in a different way. Their understanding about other people's way of living became broader, which made them more patient and flexible with the practices and ways of other cultures. The Crusaders voyages stimulated a group of Latin intellectuals. This led to an intellectual explosion with lots of translations on Arab texts, Roman literature, and classical Greek. This intellectual explosion was popularly known as the period of the Italian Renaissance or the Revival of Learning.
The influence of the other culture in terms of art, geography, and astronomy initiated the intellectual growth of the Western Europe. Europe also gained much knowledge from other cultures about sugar refining, math, alcohol refining, and papermaking. Although the Crusaders failed the European armies during the Muslim invasion, the Arabs paid by psychologically suffering from their own warring activities. This seems to be more than the material and human loses that the people and the lands they invaded suffered.
Life before the Christian Crusade - History
The Turks and Mongolian army reigned in the Middle East before the Crusaders came to influence their power. The invasions made the Arabic countries realized to keep and preserve their culture. When Europe was on the process of developing its civilization, the Arabs resisted the change. This resistance put them in a disadvantage position with the modern times. This problem still existed even today. The Arab still finds it difficult to adapt and accept the concept and benefits of modernization.

The Impact of the Expeditions - History
The influenced of the Crusaders over the people weakened the forces of the Byzantine Empire. Although the noble princes and barons failed to recover Anatolia from the hands of the Turk army, they had successfully defeated the Byzantine power in 1204 along with the fall of Constantinople. The state only serves as a buffer state for the convenience of the Turk army. The Byzantines initiated the idea of putting a buffer to inhibit and protect the empire from the Europeans in 1300. The Turks found their relationship with the Byzantine Empire useful because they serve as the Turks' point of contact for the West. However, when the empire's usefulness was fully exploited and consummated, they overtook the Byzantine Empire in 1453. The most significant contribution of the Crusaders in Europe was the shared culture, knowledge, and trade that they gathered from their various expeditions. Most Europeans who joined the Crusade had either known or seen some of the Crusaders march or gone during the expeditions.
The nation of Palestine became a place that most people go for refuge. The Bible reflected Palestine as a quasi-mythical place. The Crusader set up their forces in the land of the Palestinians and contacted their families in Europe for importing and exporting of goods. The trading system initiated the development of banks and creation of accounting techniques. This stimulated the trade and commerce between the Mediterranean, East, and Europe. Most of the merchants or intermediaries came from the northern part of Italy if the Crusaders were originally from Germany, France, or England. The Crusaders greatly influenced the economy in the main cities of Europe such as Venice or Genoa. However, the cost of the expeditions as well as their desires to trade through importation and exportation of goods weakened the forces of the Crusaders. The need for more funding that could help finance their expeditions and their commercial activities weakened the noble princes and barons but made the merchant classes stronger, which paved way for their independence.
The Christian Crusades' history greatly influenced the development of the cultural institutions during the medieval times. The knights of the Christian Crusades used emblems and many geometric designs as their identity symbols because they cannot read and write. Most of the knights were illiterate and the designs greatly aided their forms of communication and means for identification. The symbols evolved later into coats of arms or heraldic emblems. The romantic literature also developed during the Christian Crusades' history. Most of the skills and knowledge of Europe about masonry and construction of churches and castles with heavy stones came from the Middle East. The transfer of knowledge includes related activities of tunneling, siege, and sapping technologies.
The tunneling technology served to build sappers for warfare. Sappers refer to sap enemy fortifications. The technology was later used for mining. The Churches also used steeples that were inspired by the minarets during the Christian Crusades. The trend of the technological development ultimately came from the East and transferred to the West by the Crusaders. This included cultural development. During this time, Europe was not able to give much in return for the technological as well as the cultural development that they gained from the East because their civilization was still underdeveloped. However, the Muslims perceived the expeditions and the activities of the Christian Crusades negatively. The Muslims lost their appreciation and deep regard on the army of Europe that they influenced the Turks to become hostile with the Balkans. The Moslems were known as very conservative when it comes to religion or theology. The Crusaders were flexible enough to tolerate the conservative culture of the Moslems but slowly avoided any confrontations by traveling back to the West. It was then that the Mongols invaded the Moslems.
The Muslims had complete control over their Holy Land before the expedition. The Holy Land, known as Israel, is the core of their monotheistic type of religion. The believers of Islam, Christianity, and the Judaism regarded the Holy Land as a very important place that captured most of the important events of their religion's history. The other name of the Holy Land is Palestine. The Muslims controlled other religious sites before the expedition such as Bethlehem and Nazareth. The strong control over the known religious places happened during the Caliphate of Omar. The Caliph refers to a very strong political but also religious leader in Islam.

Various Expeditions of the Crusaders - History

The biggest and most essential forms of expeditions happened during the 11th until the 13th century. There were nine Crusades recorded by the Crusaders as numbers 1 to 9 under this category. The smaller crusades happened within the European continent such as Austria and Germany, which continued until the Renaissance in the 16th century. The definition and context of the Christian Crusades is holy war of the Christians. The term came from the word cross. The holy war of the Muslims is called Jihad. Members of the Jews, Christians, or Muslims were all firm believers of their respective religions. This strong belief about religion and the differences in some of their teachings made most people unable to understand and accept other people's practices. The differences triggered several holy wars between the members that were sometimes incorporated with political agenda. The missions of the Jihads and Christian Crusades' history resulted to illogical loses in terms of human lives, properties, and economy. The conflict that is happening today between the big religions partly came from the old conflict between the Jihads and the Christian Crusades. The Christian Crusades expeditions expended many lives, which influenced the perceptions of the world.

Cultural and Political Influence of the Christian Crusades - History
The influence of the Christian Crusades on Europe's cultural and political development during the Middle Ages was enormous. Most of Europe were united by the Pope during the 14th century. Centralized bureaucracies also developed and spread throughout Europe during this time, specifically on the nations of Burgundy, France, Spain, England, and Portugal. The Crusaders partly influenced the spread of the centralized bureaucracies through their various expeditions across the continent, which became the modern state's foundation for the government and politics.
The Crusaders transferred knowledge from the Islamic to the West especially medicine, architecture, and science. However, Europe's exposure to the culture of the Islamic was also influenced by their Sicilian and Iberian contacts. The designs of the castles in Europe were also influenced by the Crusaders experiences specifically their military activities. A good model of their military influence was the Caernarfon Castle located in Wales. The fortresses portrayed the styles that Edward I noted during their expedition and fights. The Christian Crusades' history introduced the culture of the Europeans as they traveled across the world especially Asia. The most important achievement of the Christian Crusades' history was the establishment of the traffic from the East to the West. The traffic between the two continents triggered respective developments on their civilizations, economy, art, and politics. The sharing of the trade, technology, and other scientific discoveries were made possible because of the traffic. The sharing of knowledge included the refinement of their engineering methods and equipments, optics, and algebra.
The Polabian Slavs lost many lives during the Northern Christian Crusades. However, they did not totally oppose the colonization of the Germans. However, the German invasions stopped the spread of the Lithuanian state that could possibly organize all of the tribes of the Baltic nations. Lithuania was a small nation pressured and forced by the problems of war with their German Crusaders to expand and look for resources to other probable places like the East. The Germans eventually assimilated the Polabian Slavs except the Sorbs. The initial expedition created a long organized war and violence against the Jewish people in Europe.

Trading and Commerce - Christian Crusades History

The needs of the expeditions such as transportation, food, gas, and other supplies needed to support a large army triggered the trading and commercial activities to anywhere the Crusaders would land. The unused roads gained significant traffic when the traders began to travel and expand their trading activities. The reason for the bustling commercial activities was not only for supporting the needs of the Crusaders, but also because most merchants would want to travel to the Middle East after they had seen their interesting products. This started the Italian Renaissance. Europe gained much from the activities. Goods were brought to Europe for trading, such as spices, diamonds, jade, and ivory. They also gained from the shared knowledge of glass manufacturing technology, making of gunpowders, and growing crops such as oranges and apples. These things were considered as rare and very expensive among the Europeans.

The Christian Crusades, for the naval and maritime historians like Archibald Lewis, was considered as macrohistorical event that enhanced the spheres of the European and Eastern civilizations. Europe slowly recovered its civilization from the boundaries of the Dark Ages in 700 to 1000 AD. The Italian city was able to drive away the Islamic pirates at the Adriatic Sea with the help of the Byzantine Empire. The joined forces reduced the Islamic forces at the Mediterranean Sea as reflected in the Byzantine and Muslim war in 1030 to 1035. The Italian cities of Pisa and Genoa helped the Normans in taking over Sicily. They overpowered the Muslims in Sicily during the period 1061 to 1091. This weakened the forces of the Muslims over the Mediterranean. This led to the growth of the Western European trading over the Mediterranean. This also led to the rise of the naval power of the Italian cities of Genoa, Venice, and Pisa including the Sicilian Normans.
The main regions for trading by the Western Europe were the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Europeans enjoyed the trading and commerce at the core regions during the 11th century. However, during the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire of the Turks invaded the core regions. The Western Europeans contested and the Maritime Republics of the cities of Pisa, Venice, and Genoa allowed the Western Europeans to trade again. The control of the Maritime Republics on the Black Sea and of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea led to the return of the Greeks as well as the Romans ancient knowledge including the East Asian products. The Western Europe and the Mongol Empire successfully traded with the Eastern Asian Merchants. The extensive trading distributed the products to some controlled ports, such as the Kaffa, Acre, and the Antioch.
The 5th as well as the 7th Crusade during the periods of 1248 to 1254 were made to secure the control of the Western Europeans over the Red Sea region trading center. The attempts were directed against the armies of Egypt, which was the main support of the Mameluke and Ayyubid. During the 14th century, the Mamelukes ended the trading activities of the Europeans with the Asian merchants. The Mamelukes successfully invaded the states of the Middle Eastern crusaders. The Mongolian empire trading with Asia also ended during the 14th century.

The Caucasus - History
The Khevsurs, believed to be the descendants of the crusaders lived in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. This is a remote place located in Khevsureti. Many believed that the Khevsurs got separated from the large crusaders' army. They stayed isolated in the highland region and kept some of the culture of the crusaders. The Khevsurs passed down to their generations the weaponry and armor relics including the chain mail technique. The knowledge and the weapons were still used by the communities even in the 20th century.

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The Early Christian Community in Context

The Early Christian Community in Context

The light of Christ was the beginning of Christianity, but the history of the Christian Church began with the resurrection of Jesus and a time forty days later with the first sermon given by Peter. His sermon and the whole-hearted commitment of the disciples at Pentecost illustrate the power of Jesus' death and the gifts that Jesus Christ gave to them for humanity's sake. The Christian community in the first several centuries survived as a sect within the Roman empire, until early in the 4th century and Emperor Constantine will the Christian community be altered into a Christian empire.

The early Christian community functioned as a sect, much like Judaism during the time of Jesus. Sects and counter-cultures generally defy the broader world, they are moralizing and a sect is exclusivistic. The Christian community in the first three centuries is defined by these characteristics.

Early Christianity denied many of the tenants of the pagan Roman world. The Romans viewed Christians as atheists because Christians denied traditional and imperial worship. Christian monotheism clashed with the culture's polytheism. An implication of Christian religiosity was pacifism, since Christians were members of the Kingdom and dwelled on earth temporarily they did not take part in warfare. Christians, as well, were slandered by some Romans for participating in incestuous behavior and practicing cannibalism. It was written that members of the Christian community were involved in incest during their evening meals, a skewed version of Christians being literally brothers and sisters. They were labeled as cannibals because of their Eucharistic beliefs. Romans also viewed Christians as ignorant and foolish for their missionary work to the poor and those of low status in society.

The Christian community was exclusivistic and moralistic. A Christian had to be baptized to enter the faith, they had to agree to enter the community and put himself or herself under the jurisdiction of the Church. The Sacrament of Initiation, originally combined baptism, Eucharist and confirmation, was a long and intensive process. The function of baptism was purification, conversion and to renew the human through the power of the Spirit. In preparation for baptism, one's sins needed to be repented, full observation of the commandments and, one had to receive and proclaim the good news of Christ.

Once an individual made the conversion to Christ, they could participate in the Eucharist. This celebration was in essence a simple ritual meal shared in community to remember and give thanks for the death and resurrection of Christ. Generally, Christians gathered in someone's house and they celebrated mass together. The oldest Christian church building dates to 250AD, within several decades numerous churches had been established.

Along with sacrament of initiation, penance was vitally important. Jesus gave the Church via the disciples the power to remit sins and thus exclude sinners. Before Eucharist, an individual needed to confess their sins to God through a priest. A component with receiving forgiveness was a corresponding commitment to work towards ending the sinful practices in his or her life. Christian beliefs demanded rigorous adherence, and commitment to live "in Christ Jesus."

If the individual entered the jurisdiction of the Church then there was a variety of Christian beliefs that could fulfill their covenant. This allowed the Church to be theologically diverse and exclusivistic. Christianity's theological diversity and character fundamentally changed in the 4th century because of Emperor Constantine.

Beginning in 64AD after the Great Fire of Rome, which was blamed on the Christians by Emperor Nero (emperor 54-68AD), Christians endured times of sporadic persecutions. The persecutions occurred due in part because of Christians' lack of conformity with the government. The Roman Empire was tolerant but if Christianity and another entity came into conflict, the former took the brunt of the government's abuse. Do in part to civil wars, the attacks from the barbarians, population declines and other factors, the Roman Empire increased their attacks on the Christians as a way to unify the country and reduce some internal friction. Emperor Gallienus (sole emperor 260-268AD), however signed an edict of tolerance in the 3rd century which ushered in a time of peace for Christians. This helped to recruit converts to the faith, but individuals were not dissuaded from becoming Christian during the periods of persecutions. As state-led persecutions were occurring the number of Christians and those willing to become martyrs for the Church increased. Emperor Diocletian (emperor 284-305AD) ordered the last persecution of Christians and the most serious persecutions occurred in the early 4th century. Because of internal and external threats, he also divided the empire into quadrants and installed a ruler in each, which lead directly to several warring factions attempting to gain power.

Constantine inherited one third of the Western Roman Empire in 306AD, by 324AD he was the sole ruler of entire Empire. He converted to Christianity, if albeit for political reasons, in 313AD after a dream and a vision which led him to defeat Maxentius at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, using a sign denoting Christ on his army's weaponry. Because of this political change Christianity became absorbed in the world; there was a systematic breakdown between the church and society. Christianity radically changed from a sect to an institution.

The Church from this point forward became an institutional bureaucratic political entity. There was a new toleration of Christians by the government, which evolved into Christianity becoming the official religion of the state in 380AD by proclamation of Emperor Theodosius (emperor 379-395AD). The government actively supported the Church and expected substantive reciprocal support. The state funded the construction of church buildings and religious sites, Church symbols were placed on coinage and religious leaders became important political figures. The Church supported and participated in the state's military actions. There was an effort, especially after 380AD, to curtail some Pagan religious practices that had found a sanctuary in the rural countryside. The Empire supported by Christian leaders, or Christians with the support of the state, led efforts to either convert the pagans to Christianity or suppress the minority religions. The evangelization missions in the countryside took aggressive action, for instance overturning statues of Pagan deities, cutting down sacred groves and setting fire to Pagan temples. However, Christians did not entirely reject the Pagan world.

Given that the Pagan worldview permeated society, Christians actively worked to incorporate the known way of life into a Christian context. Where Pagan temples were destroyed Christian churches were erected, festivals for Pagan deities were baptized and made into Christian holy days. On the level of popular culture, ordinary people received a new religion, Christianity, but they did not have to radically change their lives; Christianity had become one with society.

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Discovering Jesus Christ

Discovering Jesus Christ

What is Christ Consciousness?
Christ Consciousness is the term for the state of being in which the soul is transformed and awakened to the Highest Consciousness, which is a human being may achieve on Earth.
But, before having the state of mind, awakening and transformation is a long process. The key to transform is to learn and grow by being aware or by keeping in mind awareness. Awareness begins in an inspired mind that is always open for new wisdom and knowledge.
Christ Consciousness does not have any relation to the personality of Jesus Christ. As mentioned earlier, it is a state of mind, connecting with the highest power, and understanding omnipresent and universal force does exist everywhere.

The Agonies of Satan (Final part)

The Agonies of Satan (Final part)

Photo credit: Avon

None can comprehend the sacrifice of love.
Elohim the Cherub that has watched over Eric from birth was the one who wailed the loudest as Heaven cried for a lost soul. All the Saints and Angels gathered in Heaven knew there was no repentance after death.
No matter how faithful you were, once you died in sin, you were gone and nothing could save you unless you had repented prior to your death. The Cherub Elohim knew this and he cried more profoundly than all because he had developed a personal attachment not required of Angels to Eric.

Angels had free will but not choice like men. Men could make a choice and change it but Angels had only the free will to make one choice but can never change it. Men could repent as long as they were alive but Angels couldn't.

Whatever choice an Angel made was irreversible if not for that restriction, Cherub Elohim would have defied God and gone to save Eric Himself but taking such a step would have made Him fall and fall for good. He would become a Demon and Cherub Elohim never wanted that.

In the Thirteenth heavens of Hell, there was a mad scramble for earth. All the 2,400 demons plus Satan and Lucifer were involved in this mad dash toward earth. Even the burning flames of Hell descended with them.
The shrieks of murderous rage on their lips were so fearsome that even satanic worshipers on earth cowed in mortal fear. The anger of the armies of Hell made the whole universe tremble and there were earthquakes on earth. The supreme fury of Hell was hurled toward earth; directed at one soul.
Woe betides the soul whom this horde was going after.

As I looked into Eric's face, he caught my eyes and smiled in that most beautiful and pure ways of his. Eric had the pure innocent smile of a baby. My heart lurched within me.

"I love you," He said, "I will try to be gentle so you would feel no pains if
possible," And he pushed to delve into me.
I felt Satan rise to plunge down to earth.
I pushed him off so forcefully and powerfully that Eric flew across the room and landed on the other side of the large sitting room beside the dining table.

NOOOOOO!!!! WHY DID SHE DO THAT? I heard Lucifer and Satan cry out in agony from the Thirteenth Realm. From the sheer agony of that cry I knew Eric had not breached my hymen.
I turned and looked at Eric; he had a pained and perplexed look on his face.
"Eric, if you had gotten into me you would have died," I said to him and saw the look of confusion on his face, "I am the one your Lord warned you about; I am Satan's bride."
I saw Lucifer, Satan and the 2,400 fallen angels take flight and hurled themselves toward earth in lightning speed. Quickly I said to Eric, "I was meant to kill you but I fell genuinely in love with you.
"I sacrifice my life for you because my death is coming, rushing down toward me even as we speak now in anger. Please go on your knees and pray to your God to protect you from their fury. HE will forgive you; me HE will never forgive."

Eric just sat there staring at me without moving. He was dazed by my words and everything that had happened.
I felt them penetrating the first layer of our planetary system.
"They are coming ERIC!" I shouted, "Pray to God and save you!!"
He did not move an inch.
I then remembered the Bible in his room. I sprang up and ran toward it; picking it up it burnt by palms like hot coal but I held on to it and ran back to the sitting room as I felt them divide the stratosphere.
"God please save Eric," I cried, "I know you will not save me for I have fought against you and persecuted Your Kingdom. I am sorry Lord but please save Eric," I cried as I knelt on my knees and prayed.
The Bible was still burning in my hands still I clung to it crying out to THE ONE whom I have always fought against.
"Lord Jesus please beseeches God to save Eric. I do not ask to be saved for I do not deserve it but please forgive me for I have made Eric to wrong you. At least remember how diligently my parents served you until they died in a plane crash.

"PLEASE SAVE HIM!!!!!!" I screamed as I felt a sharp pierce of pain like 2,402 bolts of lightning striking me. I fell backward and as my eyes closed, I saw four Pillars of Fire stand around Eric.
I smiled and darkness conquered me.

There was a heated argument in Heaven.
"She belongs to me!" Satan cried in supreme agony.
"No she repented before you struck. She is no longer yours," Jesus said calmly.
Cherub Elohim was impatient for the command to strike Satan. He was like one under leash.
"Say something THOU WHO sits on the THRONE." Satan said in tears of agony to God.
"Depart from hence," Jesus commanded Satan and Cherub Elohim gave chase, inflicting injuries upon injuries on Satan until he crossed the chasm; running with his tails between his legs.

It was when I saw a wild explosion of lights that I came to myself but it was too late, Nneka lay dead on the floor. To my surprise nothing happened to me.
My eyes were open and I saw legion of demons trying to attack me but being repelled by four pillars of fire around me. It became clear to me that Nneka's intercessory prayers for me had worked.
I also saw a soul like that of a woman being dragged away. That must be Nneka's soul I thought but lo, a Mighty Hand reached out and dragged the soul from the horde of demons. The soul was taken to Heaven in a shroud of light.

God saved me even though I was a sinner and told me my work was not finished. I was made to go back to earth after beholding the splendour of Heaven. Hell was magnificently beautiful but it was a very poor replica of Heaven; very poor.
I asked the Lord why He saved me and why He was sending me back and He said that I repented before I died but that what gave me the greatest grace was my selfless act of sacrifice. That even in death I was praying for another and not for myself.
I told the Lord that two things sadden me:
1. I will not be able to dedicate my wealth to His service.
2. Eric will never take me back.
The Lord smiled and said though I grew the riches exponentially, the seed were planted by my parents who were born again Christians and who died as one; so Satan had no claims over it; all you need to do is change the name and sack all Satanists in your employ who refuses to repent. Use your wealth to propagate the gospel and to do good deeds.
"As for Eric, go and marvel at the wonders of God," Christ said as His final words to me.

I awoke to find myself in Eric's arms as he was crying on the floor over me.
Today we are married with four lovely kids and are great ministers of God.

The End.....

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The Agonies of Satan (Part 8)

The Agonies of Satan (Part 8)

I sincerely apologize for keeping these last epistles away from you all these while, had some challenges but I am back on full time.
Photo credit: Avon

Giving my virginity to him was the gift of death.
Eric's kiss inflamed me and I kissed him back with all the love I felt for him.
My nicely manicured fingers were drawing erotic traces on his back as he caressed me. I slipped my tongue deep into his mouth and his body quivered.
I now slipped my left hand underneath his shirt and reached for his nipples rubbing them slowly in a motion that seemed to engulf his body in passion.

His shirt was a restrain so I started unbuttoning them; some got stuck due to my frantic hands so I yanked on them and tore them off.
My white silky blouse was half way gone as Eric busied himself with the task of removing my cloths. He took my blouse off; unclasped my bra and removed it. Then he cupped my breast in his hands. All the while we have been kissing, breaking off intermittently to catch our breath and then resumed kissing. He broke off the kiss again, bent down and took one of my pink nipples in his mouth, circling his tongue around the hardened nipple. Passion shot through me like a lightning bolt.

I was filled with longing so I returned the favour by biting gently on his ear lobe and caressing it with my tongue. We were both moaning and panting at this point from bottled up emotions. My hands were all over him as he continued to fondle, kiss and suck on my nipples. I reached down and
loosened his belt as I undid his trouser zip. His left hand was around my narrow waist as he released the restrains of the short skirt I wore.

My skirt slipped to the ground and I stepped out of them.
I was standing in my panties before him; the only article of clothing on me, save for that I was naked. No living mortal has ever seen me naked. He will be the first and only man to behold this sight. My fair skin was flushed from the rush of blood. I knew I glowed.

"Oh, you are so beautiful," Eric said as he stepped back a bit to admire my body.
Slowly I moved closer to him again and melted my body into his in a sensual embrace, rubbing my naked body against his. I helped him to get out of his trouser. He was now on his shorts alone. We looked at ourselves and locked eyes.

Hell's fury, I loved this man.
"Am inexperienced Nne."
"I know, am a virgin too."
"Should we do this? We will be sinning against God."
"God is merciful and he will forgive us; besides, we will be getting married," I said moving into him again and kissing out all thoughts of God from his mind.
"You mean you are going to marry me?" He asked.
"Yes," I whispered into his ears, "Enough of these talks come here," I said
pulling him down into the long sofa. We both fell on it.
I could hear the glories of the Thirteenth Realm.

The Council of Six were in a conference around an illuminating globe.
Demons were fallen angels and still retained the looks of angels. The only difference was that the wings of the winged ones were no longer made of feathers but of Bat like membrane and they all had tails unlike their counterparts in Heaven. Contrary to the popular depictions of demons as darkly ghoulish and grotesque beings with angels depicted as beautiful creatures with man-like features; Demons and Angels looked nothing like men.

Not all Demons or Angels had wings. Only the Cherubs had wings and they had no resemblance to the winged chubby babies they were generally depicted as. All the winged Demons were Cherubs just like their Angelic counterparts. The beings in the Council of six were all demonic Cherubs but they looked exactly like their angelic counterparts. Some demons and Angels had horns, others did not.
All the 2,400 ill angels that fell with Lucifer and Satan had been summoned and they were in the ante court staring at a similar luminous globe at the happenings on earth as the Council of Six conferred. Only one seat was vacant - the seat of the queen.

"When are we permitted to kill him My Lord?" Astaroth asked
"I think we should kill him now because he has lusted already in his heart,"
Beelzebub said
"Then I should send Apollyon Abaddon to bring his soul," Azazel said.
"No we still cannot touch him," Satan said.
"Why, my lord?" Azazel asked.
"Cause he has not taken her virginity yet. We can only kill him when he breaks
her hymen and enters her," Lucifer said.
"And I shall be the one to take his soul," Satan roared

The Saints and Angels of Jehovah were gathered in the court of Heaven where a multitude plea for grace reverberated throughout the portals of heaven.
If any mortal still filled with the popular depiction of Angels and Cherubs had walked into the arena, he would be forgiven for thinking he had walked into a midst of demons because Angels had no resemblance to how we depict them.

The Bible had given man a peep into Heaven and an idea of how Angels looked but man has paid no heed. Just like the Bible's description of a Cherub, the beings in Heaven were enormous in size, power, and strength and they were measured in cubits. Every cubit is 1.5 feet (18 inches). Now if one formulates the cubits per feet in measuring, mortals may have an understanding of just how gigantic these beings are. All Cherubs stand at 18 feet tall and have wing spans of 8 feet long and under each of their four wings there were what looked like the hands of a man just as recorded in Ezekiel Chapter 10 verse 8. These beings not only had four wings but they had four faces too exactly in the manner they were described in Ezekiel chapter 10 verse 21!

Angels had their entire bodies, including their back, their hands, and their wings completely full of eyes; the four wheels they held also had eyes in the same manner Ezekiel described them in chapter10 verse 12. All Angels had four faces and their four faces where faces of a Cherub, a man, an eagle, and a lion in accordance to their depiction by Ezekiel in chapter 10 verse 14.
The four Arch Angels around the Throne of God were more enormous and had six wings. One looked like an ox, another had the look of a lion, the third looked like a man, and the fourth looked like an eagle, just the way they were described in Revelation chapter 4 from verse 6 to 8. Only the saints looked like earthly men but like all Heavenly beings they glowed in luminous splendour.

These were the beings gathered in Heaven and pleading to God for HIS Grace through HIS Son to spare Eric.
Jesus said, "Our laws are just for GOD is a fair and just JUDGE. The Will of
My FATHER will be done."
There were tears in Heaven and Jesus also wept.

We were both naked now and lying on our sides. My handbag which I had initially placed on the long sofa when I came in was pushed to the floor to give us more room. I slipped my left hand down his body and found his stiff phallus which I rubbed so sensually until a gasp escaped his lips.
Eric was also fondling me in an instinctive erotic way almost as old as time. I was moaning and panting in short gasps. Eric climbed over me as I reached down again to guide him in this time.
I heard the inhabitants of the Thirteenth Realm howling in glee as Satan prepared to take flight down to earth to claim Eric's soul. For Satan to be the one to want to come by Himself then Eric was in big trouble even after death. His torment in Hades will be unparalleled.

I knew Eric was going to die but my desire to make love to him was no longer borne out of any desire to kill him but was now driven by my love for him and the overwhelming desire to feel him inside me. I guided his phallus right, Eric tried to slide in but was stopped by my hymen. I had tears in my eyes; I was crying for the life of my love.

"Did I hurt you honey?" He asked ever so gently and loving, "Should I stop?"
"No please, don't stop," I moaned in anticipation of ecstasy even as more tears streamed down my face. "I have a lubricant in my handbag, apply it on me and on your manhood and it will be easy," I said urging him on even as I sobbed. There was a pain in my heart as he did my bidding; applying the lubricant on him and on me. When his hand touched my labia minora petals as he applied
the slimy stuff, I quivered under the grip of a powerful explosion of emotions.
Oh, I loved this man but after this I will never know the feel of his body on me again.
I was so sad.

Eric was back at his position above me. I spread my legs wide for him as he made to plunge into me; he will be successful this time and he will die. Tears flowed freely as I looked into his handsome face filled with passion. Oh, how I loved this man.
I could feel his cap on my opening...

...to be continued

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The Agonies of Satan (part 7)

The Agonies of Satan (part 7)

For over two days Eric tried to reach me but I deftly kept out of his way. He called; called, and called but I refused to pick his calls. I knew he would want to see me in the office so I had him sent to one of our operational base in Angola for two weeks through the Head of Operation of Lucifirm
Incorporated. I knew time was of essence but at this point I didn't give a care about time. I needed the space to contemplate deeply on what I was going to do.

When the Council of Six demanded to know why I had sent him to Angola for two week knowing how time was essential I told them it was part of my plans. After one week I decided to jet out to Luanda. I had a pent house condominium in Ingombota Street, Luanda, on a pricey 18 floors block near the lake. I had instructed the head of our Angolan office to make the condo available for Eric to stay in. After the four and a half hour’s flight, I went through customs; jumped into a waiting company car and was chauffeured home.

Eric wasn't back from the office by the time I got home. I picked up a shirt he had left strewn across a single sitter sofa. The shirt had his perfume on it. I rubbed my face on the fabric and sniffed the pleasant fragrance of his perfume mixed with his distinctive body musk. Aw, I had missed the asshole. The apartment was a six bedroom condo; I went into the second room by the left of the corridor because the door was ajar, I knew that would be his room and hung his cloth in the wardrobe beside the glass wall that stretches through the entire right side overlooking the lake below. The room was spacious and oval. His Bible was at the bedside on a lamp table to the left. I gave it a long
look without touching it, and then I turned and walked out toward the living room.
Eric was in the sitting room. He was shocked to see me.

"Oh dear, why didn't you tell me you were coming so I could come and wait for you at the airport?" He said sweeping me into his arms in a warm embrace. I had wanted to resist but at his touch I melted and clung tightly to him. Tears streamed down my eyes wetting his shirt. I loved this man but I was going to kill him.

"Am so sorry honey, please don't cry," He said, "I never knew my going on a dinner with my G.O's daughter after the crusade would hurt you so badly. I’m so sorry. I love you Lucy. I have missed you," He said calling me by my English name. I didn't like that name anymore; that name belonged to Lucifer, the god upon whose altar I will slaughter the only man I have ever loved. In tears I said, "I love you too Eric." As I cried he claimed my mouth with his. I could hear the ecstatic ululations of Hell.

There was a meeting in Heaven.
"It seems Eric will fall Lord," Arch angel Gabriel said.
"Should I step in and save him?" The warrior Arch angel Michael asked.
"Let the will of MY FATHER be done," The Lamb of God said, "There is still hope, he might still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat." "Lord, he has been steadfast but the temptations are so great and like all mortals he is susceptible to the weakness of the flesh. Please let us step in.
Plead on his behalf to thy FATHER; HE denies you nothing," A Cherub angel called Elohim that has watched over Eric from birth said in tears, "Eric will surely fall if we do not intervene."
"God is a fair Judge. Let Thy Will be done Father," The Word of God said.
"Then the end is here," The Cherub Elohim said breaking down in tears.

There was wild jubilation in Hades known as the Thirteenth Realm of The Pillars of Fire.
"I told you that man will always reject you!" Satan shouted loud in glee into Heaven at God.
"Prepare to slay him and chain his soul at the gate of the chasm so that THE ONE will see his torments and hear his lamentations for all eternity." Lucifer said in a voice filled with contempt.
The demons of Hell were in a wild lust as they induced in all manners of sexual orgies ogre in celebration of the impending victory.

A massive tsunami struck a corner of Earth claiming many lives as the equestrian demons of Hell harvested blood in preparation for the dark banquet. Another tragedy struck in the shores of the Americas as more blood was harvested for the coming celebration. Hell was in a jubilant mood with
maniacal laughter and howl. Above it one could hear a pin drop in Heaven as the Heavenly Choir ceased the Celestial symphony for one minute. Then the music started again as the angels played a soulful tune.
JEHOVAH SAT ON HIS THRONE...to be continued

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The Agonies of Satan (part 6)

The Agonies of Satan (part 6)

It's been twelve months now since Eric started working for me and six months since we started dating. We had grown closer with each passing day. We spend time together in the office, in my place, in his house and had even travelled out together in two occasions on my business trips. We were very close; have kissed a couple of times but have never crossed that boundary no matter how
hard I tried.

Eric had tried severally to make me attend his church but I always had one excuse or the other to skip it. I told him I was a Catholic and wasn't keen on changing that. Once, when his pestering became overbearing, I asked him to become a catholic and he flatly refused. This refusal of his ended the talk of ever going to his church or accompanying him on evangelism. I told him I was doing my own evangelism the Catholic way. Thanks to the division in the body of the church, it was easy for me to deceive Eric that I was a born-again Catholic. He never elected to accompany me to church even once. Though I hated him because he represented the obstacle to my ever becoming The Mother of The Son, I consoled myself that if I succeeded in his destruction then my position as Queen of the Seekers and of the Thirteenth Realm will be eternal. With his demise, Lucifer might just be able to have Satan born as a Son through another pure virgin and the second invasion of Heaven will start. Time was of essence; who knows when THE ONE would decide to bring forth Judgement Day. We had to have a Son too so we could attempt another conquest of Heaven. If we succeed in  overthrowing God, then we will escape Judgement. We will be the Judges instead.

It was weekend and I had not seen Eric because he had gone for a crusade. I picked up my phone and called his number for the umpteen times but still he didn't pick. I was livid. They were supposed to have ended by now. This was 10:21 pm!
How am I even sure he is still at the crusade? Eric is an incredibly handsome young man with a likeable personality and I know a lot of girls fancied him particularly that his stupid Reverend's daughter that was nursing secret hopes of getting married to Eric. I was tempted to go in the spiritual form and take a peep at him or even send Seth or Zat-An Astaroth but I was restrained because
of the injunctions of THE MOST HIGH. THE ONE has said no spiritual interference or antics. I was livid.

Then I remembered that even though spiritual interference was expressly outlawed on him as long as this assignment was on, Lucifer could still monitor things in a general way from the Thirteenth Realm if I were around Eric so I hopped into my car and headed toward the direction where he had said the
crusade was holding. When I get to the vicinity I can communicate with The Voice of The Void to generally look around and tell me if he could see Eric and what he was up to. The crusade was in Gwarinpa estate Abuja so I headed toward that direction.

As I was driving through Third Avenue, I looked to my right at a Fast Food building located along the road. What I saw made me step on the brakes; making all the cars behind me screech to a sudden halt amidst angry cries from the drivers behind. From the glass wall of the Fast Food I could see Eric
having a late lunch with his Reverend's daughter; that same idiotic Reverend's daughter.
I was seething in anger. I was jealous.

As I was driving into my house my car headlights caught Nneka sitting inside her car and parked in front of my house. I smiled. I have not seen her since today and was grateful to see her. I missed her. She saw me and got out of her car. I also got out of my mine smiling but my smile was cut short.
"Where the hell have you been, you cheating bastard?"
"Hey, calm down, I told you we had a crusade, didn't I?"
"You are a bloody liar! I thought you were born-again and you're not supposed to lie," she screamed at me.
"Nne, can we go inside please before you wake the entire neighbourhood. Its
11:22 pm you know."
"Am not going anywhere with you until you tell me where you went to after
the crusade," she screamed.

My God, I had never seen Nneka this angry before. In short I have never seen her angry and didn't know she had a temper, not even in the office, "Nne, after the crusade my General Overseer's daughter took me out to lunch. I was hungry because I have not had any meal since morning."
"So that was why you refused to pick my calls because you were with a woman?"
"No Nne, how can you say a thing like that? My phone has been on silent because of the crusade. I was not aware you were calling me, I’m so sorry dear."
I do not know if my apologies made any impact on her, I guess it didn't because she hoped back into her car, slammed the door and drove off in a terrifying speed.

As I drove out of his house, I had tears in my eyes. How could he have gone out to have dinner with that idiotic girl when I had spent the whole day preparing his favourite meal? I even refused to eat though I was hungry because I was waiting for him to return so we could eat together. I felt

"That was a good performance you put up there," Satan's voice startled me. I didn't even realize He had come into the car.
"Yea, I hope you weren't around?" I asked Him, "Remember what Lucifer said
was the instruction of THE ONE."
"I know!" He screamed at me with fire burning out of His eyes and nostril,
"Stop reminding me of that Tyrant in Heaven."
"I’m sorry if I have offended you my lord," I said.
"Its okay, Lucifer and I watched it all from the Thirteenth Realm. You know we can always see you and whatever that is around you; the injunction didn't cover that part.
"I personally came to convey the appreciation and message of The Council of Six to you. We like the act you have put up so far but time is of essence. THE ONE placed a time limit to the operation. From what we can see, the young man is in love with you but he is not sure if you love him.
"But My Lord that will be difficult," I said feebly, filled with trepidation that they already knew I was in love with him.
"We know that, we feel the hate in your heart and we are sure he can feel it too. We want you to fake as much of a genuine love as possible that no one can be able to feel the hate in your heart, not even us," And with that Anger disappeared.

They shouldn't have bothered. I was already in love with Eric but this edict of the Council of six was the cover I needed to show my love without fear. The tears now streamed down my face. I was so jealousy he had spent our special dinner moments with another woman. I was also sad that I will be killing the first being, both spiritual and physical, that I have ever loved. I was going to kill Eric; there was not a single doubt about that in my mind. I was the queen of the seekers. I was Satan's bride.

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The Singers

The Singers

God sent his Singers upon earth
With songs of sadness and of mirth,
That they might touch the hearts of men,
And bring them back to heaven again.
The first, a youth, with soul of fire,
Held in his hand a golden lyre;
Through groves he wandered, and by streams,
Playing the music of our dreams.
The second, with a bearded face,
Stood singing in the market-place,
And stirred with accents deep and loud
The hearts of all the listening crowd.
A gray old man, the third and last,
Sang in cathedrals dim and vast,
While the majestic organ rolled
Contrition from its mouths of gold.
And those who heard the Singers three
Disputed which the best might be;
For still their music seemed to start
Discordant echoes in each heart,
But the great Master said, 'I see
No best in kind, but in degree;
I gave a various gift to each,
To charm, to strengthen, and to teach.
'These are the three great chords of might,
And he whose ear is tuned aright
Will hear no discord in the three,
But the most perfect harmony.'

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Why did God disrupt the building of the tower of Babel?

Why did God disrupt the building of the tower of Babel?

A. Because the people were building to reach heaven or specifically trying to reach God and God didn't want that???

If you're like me, you probably grew up hearing about how these group of people were building a tower up to the heaven to reach God and then God was troubled by it and decided to disrupt it and then we ended up with English, Yoruba, igbo, Hausa, Spanish, French and a host of other languages as consequence. The only problem wrong with this story is this;

1. Today many scientific breakthroughs have taken us Past the first heaven (the skies where the cloud is) and up into the second heaven( Today, we call it space; where the heavenly bodies{Sun, moon, stars} reside ) where the tower would never have reached because the air there doesn't support breathing).

2. It paints a very confusing image of God. Why won't God want us to reach Him... I mean.. Didn't He want us to reach Him?

3. The BIBLE never taught such a version of that story.

So let's see the real story in scripture and the reason behind God's action.

Gen 11
1 There was a time when the entire earth spoke a common language with an identical vocabulary.

2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.

4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven(Hebrew root word for heaven here means; loft or sky with cloud... Where the birds fly) ; and let us make us a name, LEST WE BE SCATTERED ABROAD upon the face of the whole earth.

5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

8 So the Lord SCATTERED THEM ABROAD from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

The End!

The story is as clear as can be.

From Context these people were in no way trying to reach God. If anything, they were trying to unreach Him. They wanted to leave God and His desire for them to spread (scatter) over the earth out! They wanted to stop spreading (scattering), Build a City which will have a Tower reaching the heavens as to MAKE A NAME for themselves so that they won't have to spread (scatter).

This is what made God interfere in the tower's building. This is why God in His wisdom disrupted their Language. They were in no way trying to reach Him... THEY WERE TRYING TO UN-REACH HIM!

He interrupted to get His plan back on track.

"Gen 11: 8 So the Lord SCATTERED THEM ABROAD from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city."

It isn't right to take just one line ''Build a Tower reaching the heavens(the loft; the sky where the cloud is; source - hebrew root word)" and then make up a story to our children that assumes why these people were building a tower and why God confused tongues. These story form the basis of a child's belief(perceptions) in God and if there are mistold, then it can lead to sincere questioning of our Christian Faith as seen in the picture attached to this post.

Let us do well to study and rightly divide God's Word.

Grace 'n' Peace

*The meaning of the word Heaven in the Portion of scripture is what the caused previous notion to spring up but the Hebrew word teaches us that the word means; It means The Loft; the sky where the cloud is where birds fly; source -Strongs and Thayer)

* The words 1st, 2nd and 3rd Heaven are words used by Theologians to help us Differentiate between the use of the word 'Heaven' written in scripture. It could mean The Sky, Space or God's Abode respectively. [would explain more in another Post]

*the picture attached to this post is an actual post put up on instagram by a sceptic which I screenshot. This post is a response to the person and for the blessing of others. The person has been sent the message.

-Jonathan Ojapa


Isn't God a perfect maker?
I've not seen a greater painter!
Behold the beauty of His works
The spark is worth a thousand words!
No one colour is found wanton!
Perfect finish, lacking nothing
There's a sweet touch of excellence!
Now I know why each morning they praise
He took out His paint brush divine
And coloured these birds, how they shine!
I stand amazed by their beauty
Full of radiance and quality
He takes His time to beautify!
He makes His works display His kind!
Both their colours and how they fly
Are wonders to see in the sky
If these sparrows could look this way,
How much more those in His image!
I'm fearfully, wonderfully made
Coloured, honoured to be His friend!
Tell me if there's another God
Who could this perfect picture draw!
Michael Angelo, yes may try
Yet, never paints like God, not nigh
The greatest artists of all time
Could only but fill the dot lines
Except God inspires their minds
Their hands won't move, no sight, no might!
I'm still wondering, can't stop to think
Who mixed His paints, who held His ink?
From whom took Him pattern? Who was His director?
No one! He's complete. He needs no inspiration. He's the Almighty Creator!
Won't you let God colour your life?
Won't you let Him to beautify
Your soul, your heart, your destiny?
Permit Him in all humility

- by 
Sixtus Chinenye Onyeanusi


When you come back to the Father
He'll treat you like you never left
He won't treat you like a stranger
He'll love than you've ever felt
God wants you back; He wants you back
He keeps wondering what led you out
No matter what took you off track
He's looking out for you, no doubt
He'll love you like you never left
His love will still remain unchanged
One can't measure its height and depth
His love wants to break you from chains
Ever since you left, He's been hurt
Like a man who suffered great loss;
Robbed of his symbol of pleasure!
He's been asking, where did you go?
When you used to sit at His feet
Nothing gave Him greater pleasure!
When He watched you walk in'His Spirit
He smiled with joy and was assured
He wants you back, you once loved Him
He still wants that relationship
He wants you back, you once feared Him
He wants that true, deep fellowship!

- by 
Sixtus Chinenye Onyeanusi
The Agonies of Satan (part 5)

The Agonies of Satan (part 5)

We had to argue the Bible to bridge the gap.
The chemistry was building up but Eric was always trying to spoil it with his
'God talk'. I got so annoyed over it that I decided to jolt him a little. Maybe he
would shut up.
"Okay Eric, since you keep insisting that someone whom the Bible clearly
referred to as the Son of God is God, what then do you think of Lucifer and
Satan? Are they the same?" I have never referred to the Grand Foe by name;
the closest I could come was to call Him Jesus, I never liked adding the other
part. I was amazed Eric hadn't noticed it yet.
"Well dear, according to the Holy Bible, Lucifer was referred to as the
Morning Star and he was one of the most beautiful of God's angels. I believe
he was an Archangel in the likes of Michael until iniquity was found in him
and he was cast out into Hell. While on the other hand Satan was also a
powerful Arch Angel that followed Lucifer in his rebellion against God and
they were all cast out with other fallen angels to earth. While Satan roams the
Earth, Lucifer is in Hell."
"Okay, so who do you think is greater amongst the two?"
"Well I think they are both equally powerful but Lucifer is more like number
one and Satan his deputy or vice."
He was close to the truth, "So why do we Christian pray against Satan but
rarely against Lucifer?" I prodded.
"Because Satan is the one that is here while Lucifer is in Hell. The other
reason is that ninety-five percent of Christians think they are one and the
"But you don't? May I ask why?"
"That is because it was revealed by God to me."
"Hmm, I see, so where do you think Hell is and who do you think the fallen
angels try to emulate?" I asked him. He didn't know I was leading him on with
my questions.
"Hell is somewhere beneath the earth. As for who the fallen ones emulate,
they are trying to copy God," He said.
"Okay, if they are trying to copy God that means they are trying to replicate
whatever is in Heaven, right?"
"Yes, that's true."
"Okay, don't you think that they will also try to replicate the Trinity: A triangle
that comprises God as the head, Jesus as the second with the Holy Spirit as the
"So what point are you trying to make?" He finally asked.
"Let me tell you a story that is right in the Bible yet we don't see it or fail to
truly comprehend it. The story of Lucifer is recorded only once in the Bible.
Let me recite that passage for you. Isaiah Chapter 14 verse 12 said: How you
are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down
to the ground, you who weakened the nations!
"Lucifer was in Heaven as an Arch angel, He was the Fourth. God was the
"Can you please use is," Eric corrected me.
"You are right God is the first, Jesus the second, Holy Spirit the third, Lucifer
the fourth, Michael the fifth, Gabriel the Sixth, Samael, another fallen angel
was the seventh."
"Who is Samael? The Bible never recorded any Samael," Eric pointed out.
I had slipped. I covered quickly, "If you read the Gnostic texts you will
encounter Samael."
"That's one thing about you Catholics; you read a lot of trash. I don't read the
Gnostic scriptures. But where is Satan?"
"I was coming to that. You see while Lucifer was in Heaven as the Arch angel
with the most beautiful and powerful voice which made him the conductor of
the Heavenly Choir, he was not the most beautiful Angel as portrayed by
many. Satan was actually the most beautiful of the Angels or Stars of Heaven
but his duties were not in Heaven. His duties were on the lower realms, the
universe where earth and the other planets are."
"How do you mean? These beings had been created before man was made."
"You are right but Ezekiel 28:13-17 tells us the story of Satan and his duties.
Let me recite the verses for you:
"Ezekiel 13 said, thou hast been in Eden (note that it didn't say Heaven) the
garden of God; every precious stone [was] thy covering, the sardius, topaz,
and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald,
and the carbuncle, and gold; the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes
was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. It went further to say in
verse 14: thou [art] the anointed Cherub that covereth; and I have set thee [so]:
thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in
the midst of the stones of fire.
"Satan was a Cherub with wings and He sat on God's mountain overseeing the
universe which is far below the realm of Heaven. Then verse 15 continued,
thou [wast] perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till
iniquity was found in thee. Now note that this iniquity was after Lucifer had
fallen and recruited him.
"In verse 16 the Bible went further to clarify this saying, by the multitude of
thy merchandise (which means buying into the plans of Lucifer) they have
filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will
cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God (keep in mind that God never
used Heaven): and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of
the stones of fire.
"Then in chapter 17 God placed the worst punishment ever on Satan, the
judgement was worst than Lucifer's own that actually started the rebellion. It
reads: Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy
wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lie
thee before kings, that they may behold thee.
"You will notice that from the above passage, Satan was never in Heaven, he
was in our realm doing the covering work God had mandated him to do until
Lucifer, who was the first to fall and cast out of Heaven by God, fell to His
realm of operation and with His sweet voice recruited the most beautiful of
God's creation into an act of disobedience against God which was to tempt
man into disobedience and giving man wisdom. But after God said He will lay
Satan before kings so they can behold him and trample on him, Satan led a
rebellion as the head of an army of angels that Lucifer had deceived when He
fell to attack Heaven in an attempt to overthrow God and takeover Heaven.
"God ordered Arch angel Michael to lead the counter attack and the war in
Heaven raged for a while until the invasion was defeated and Satan with His
armies pushed out.
"Remember that Job chapter one verse six told us that there was a day when
the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came
also among them. This goes to show that Satan used to visit Heaven because
he was not there but has access to Heaven.
"So Satan came back here to be second in command in His own realm to
Lucifer because the fallen angels were deceived by Lucifer and He had their
allegiance. Besides, Lucifer is a great talker because His voice can charm
anyone. What they then did was to replicate the hierarchy of Heaven; Lucifer
as head and Satan as vice just like God is the Head and Jesus is the Second."
"That means Satan is Lucifer's Son because Christ is God's Son," Eric
reasoned but he was wrong.
"No Eric, Jesus has been in existence right from the beginning as God's
number two until He was made to be born of a woman in the physical realm.
That is one thing Lucifer has not been able to achieve," I replied.
"How do you know he has not been able to achieve it?"
"Because if He had there will be another war in Heaven and we the children of
God will be able to see it. Even the spiritually blind will notice the rumble in
"Another thing is this, Satan's kingdom is not below the earth, it is above the
earth but below Heaven that's why the Bible said we wrestle with powers and
principalities in high places. It is Satan's kingdom but Lucifer is the President
and Satan the Vice President because Lucifer came with a higher authority
from Heaven when He fell."
"Wow! I'm impressed by your spiritual discernment," Eric said, "Now am
certain that you are a true servant of God for only God could have revealed
such mysteries to you."
That was the first time he kissed me. I could hear the shouts of joy in the
Thirteenth Realm. I smiled...to be continued

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